Health Services

Active Duty

Active Duty Personnel can be seen at any of our branch health clinics: BHC Makalapa, BHC Kaneohe Bay, BHC Wahiawa*, BHC Camp Smith*, Shipyard Clinic.
*Active duty only

Sick Call

NHCH Clinics do not have Sick Call hours.

Physical Exams

Provides medical screening and documentation for Active and Reserve Components, and ROTC in preparation for transition to:

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The Navy's Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) serves military families with special medical and/or educational needs. The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that includes identification of the family member's special medical and/or educational requirements and enrollment in the program, assignment coordination and family support.
EFMP enrollment provides family support throughout the sponsor's career and ensures consideration of the family's needs during the assignment process by ensuring availability of necessary resources at the prospective duty station.

Benefits of enrollment:

  • Facilitates coordination with overseas screening to confirm availability of special medical/educational support overseas
  • Provides networking, information, referral, non-medical case management, systems navigation and individualized services plans, and provides assistance during PCS moves
  • Promotes peace of mind for deployed service members and their families
  • Enhances command readiness through support to the service member and family
  • Improves retention by providing support to skilled Sailors who might otherwise separate from the Navy to meet their family's needs
  • Decreases costly overseas personnel returns by ensuring special medical and/or educational needs are considered during the assignment process


EFMP Regional MTF Coordinator
Audrey M. Corum
(808) 473-2444 x 9-4509

EFMP Case Liasion Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
Jessi Koehn
(808) 474-1999

Medical Care while on Terminal Leave

While on terminal leave, you must remain enrolled with your Primary Care Manager (PCM) based on your final duty station to ensure you remain fit for discharge until your separation or retirement date. If there are any changes in medical status, you are required to report it to your transition point personnel and PCM.

Preparing to start terminal leave:

  • Know who and how to contact your PCM
  • Plan to receive all your routine care (physicals, immunizations, etc.) with your PCM before leaving your final duty station
  • If you have prescriptions, make sure you have enough to last the duration of the terminal leave period. Discuss any unique medication requirements with your PCM prior to departure of terminal leave
  • When you travel, carry your medications. Don't pack them in a checked bag.

If you need medical care while on terminal leave:

  • Emergency care: If you experience a medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency room. Notify your PCM as soon as possible after receiving care. If you are advised by the ER that you need follow up care, you must contact your PCM for authorization.
  • Military Treatment Facilities (MTF): You may receive care at any MTF regardless of your service affiliation or enrollment location. Contact the nearest MTF to inform them that you are on terminal leave. Referral/authorization is not needed.
  • Civilian Urgent Care: You must have a referral and authorization from your PCM or Nurse Advice Line (NAL). Have the name, address, and phone/fax numbers of the doctor/Urgent Care you are going to handy.
  • Routine Care: Not authorized.
  • Veterans' Affairs (VA) Facilities: If you reside near a VA facility, you MAY be able to receive routine or urgent care at that facility. You will need to contact the VA facility for guidance and your PCM for authorization. Your PCM will need the address, phone and fax information and name of VA POC. Your PCM could issue a one-time authorization which would cover the entire anticipated span of terminal leave. The authorization will NOT include any non-VA care; you MUST obtain a separate authorization for care with a civilian provider.

Before your terminal leave ends:

  • Update DEERS (address, phone number, e-mail) by calling 1-800-538-9552 or online.
  • If you are eligible for TAMP benefits, contact DEERS to update and obtain a TAMP ID card and contact TRICARE Regional Contractor to enroll in preferred plan.
  • IF you are joining the Reserves, contact your Reserve Unit or the TRICARE Regional Contractor for assistance with enrollment in TRICARE Reserve Select.
  • Discuss health care options with new employer and get your health insurance started within 90 days of retirement.
  • You can also purchase temporary health coverage under the Continued Health Care Benefits Program (CHCBP) until other health care coverage begins. Contact Humana-Military Health by calling 1-900-444-5445 or go online.

Overseas Suitability Screening




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Appointment Line
1-888-MTF-APPT (683-2778)

To make an appointment at BHC Camp Smith or Shipyard Clinic, contact the clinic directly. Otherwise, call the appointment line or go online to Tricare Online.

Nurse Advice Line
1-800-TRICARE, option #1

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